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Are Platforms Over?

Manolo Blahnik has never made his dislike of platforms a secret. He has called them "suspicious" and said they're the wrong shape for a woman's leg.

Lucky for Manolo (and the rest of us, in his opinion), it looks like shoes may be getting a little shorter as "zero sole" shoes have started to pop up all over.

Kandee Shoes takes off the platform.
I love platforms. I was married in platforms, I wear them to work, to bars dinner, family functions...really there's nothing that platforms aren't perfect for.

Except maybe walking.

When I first started wearing heels the zero platforms were in style, and it's what I fell in love with. Since zero platform shoes have started to pop up in stores again I have been buying them up like crazy because I have to admit that I still love them.

Easier to walk in than platform heels, they do create a good look for the leg and are easier to balance in.  For me they also conjure up images of women in power suits and seem like the ultimate in sexy and powerful shoes.

But that's just me.

Sam Edelman asked me what I thought of
the zero platform. I love them.  
Despite the growing popularity of zero platform heels, I don't think platforms are going anywhere. On the contrary, I think them and their towering heights are here to stay, which is a good thing. For one, because I have a closet full of them and if they were suddenly all out of style I'd be screwed. But for two, because there are certain types of shoes that just look better with a platform of any height. Peep toes, for example. Imagine walking on a zero platform peep toe and all the crap that would get into the toe.


The two type of heels will just have to learn to coexist, which is like doubling your heel options.

Another good thing is that heels with no platform bring you back down to normal heights. Suddenly you're not taller than all the men (though I never have this problem), and walking is a little easier. Legs look long and lean, and you can add that hip sway without worrying about losing your balance. And in the event you do fall, at least there's not as far to go.


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u have hot feet!!