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Blurred Lines Bulls*#t

Robin Thicke is so damn hot that when he’s around women’s clothes just fly off.

Or at least that’s what it seems if you watch his extremely NSFW video for the hit song “Blurred
The clear vinyl is kind of cool. 
Lines” (and a woman at work who saw him live said that's pretty true).

There are two versions of the video (as I’m sure everyone now knows), and while one of them has girls prancing around in white outfits, the second one has them stripped down to their thong panties and prancing around.

I would like to call bullshit and have a word with the video’s stylist.

First, clothes or no clothes, the shoes these women are wearing are atrocious. They’re all channeling Baby Spice and the laste ‘90s with chunky platform gym shoes that were a bad idea back then. They’re also a really, really bad idea when you’re naked.

If you’re going to wear shoes with lingerie, please make sure it’s a pair of stilettos. (Seriously, why am I explaining this?) They don’t have to have platforms or be sky high, just enough to lift your butt, elongate your leg and make you sexy. And if you can’t walk in them, it doesn’t even matter most of the
Seriously, where do you find those shoes and who chose them?

What’s not sexy with lingerie? Gym shoes. No one ever put girls in gym shoes and panties on the cover of Playboy or Maxim, and I really wish Robin Thicke hadn’t let someone do it to the women in his video.

Also not sexy, the really, really high waisted, beige thong underpants they’re wearing. They remind me of the panties showgirls wear because it’s the only thing that doesn’t show under their costume. I mean, why not white panties? In the edited video they were wearing white clothes, so why not keep going with that. And have a couple different styles so they flatter each model (boy shorts, thong, brief). Then pair it with some heels.

Now you’ve got a sexy video.

I bet you thought this was going to be all about how he shouldn’t have naked women in his video, or they’re being exploited or something like that. Too bad. I’m not really worried about that. In fact, I think the video is pretty funny.