Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keysocks Bring Fashion and Function

Wearing tights isn't always practical, and sometimes it's not the look you want.

Thanks to Keysocks for the awesome package. 
I love heels with pants, including jeans and dress pants, but depending on the weather, or the fit of the shoe, nylons, knee highs or trouser socks can ruin the look.

Like most great inventions, Keysocks were born of necessity when fashion and function were in conflict. Now a family business, the sisters who make Keysocks have managed to combine fashion and function, and actually make it work.

Recently I received a couple pairs of Keysocks. Knee-high height they are cut out across the top of the foot, making them perfect for wearing with heels, flats or loafers when you need a sock but don't want the look.

You can't see them...
I admit to being skeptical about the fit. I was worried they would shift, come off my toes and bunch up under my foot, or some other thing. Instead they were perfect. I wore them for hours and they stayed in place, were comfortable, and stayed out of sight.

In case you're worried abut the color of you no show socks, the Keysocks come in a variety of different colors and patterns. You can also buy them in packs, which is awesome because one pair really isn't enough. Now that it's getting colder, I know I'll be wearing these quite often. Then I can stay warm and cute at the same time.

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