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Wellrox -Substance and Comfort

I make fun of stuff all the time. Some say it’s because I’m a cynic, some say it’s because I’m a bitch. I personally think I’m a realist, and I really don’t look at it as making fun of things, so much as simply telling people what I think.

Making fun of something would imply I’m being mean for sport, or being funny, neither of which are really things I do.

A few months ago I wrote a post all about these really awful sandals called Wellrox, which look kind of like Birkenstocks, but they have thong things that go between all your toes. So if Cuthulu and Birkenstock had a sandal baby and put a flower on it, then it would be these sandals.  Of course I overlooked all the important things about how they’re good for your feet, and correct your gait and blah, blah, blah, and I focused on the aesthetics (or lack thereof).

You can imagine how floored I was when a Wellrox representative reached out to me and said they wanted me to try their sandals, and they were pretty sure it would change my mind.

Always up for a challenge, I accepted, and a few days later I received two pair of Wellrox. One classic pair that was made of leather, had a flower on them, and looked like Birkenstocks, and one Pedi Couture pair, which was leopard print.

I have to admit, getting leopard print anything in the mail is pretty exciting.

I have worn both pair of them a few times now, and have to say, that the little things between each toe are not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Sure, they’re a little harder to slide on than a traditional flip flop, but they also stay on better. I was also worried about chafing, which is a non-issue due to the material and padding they use. Also, they’re not very big, and the pads form around your toes, so your feet don’t feel all spread apart, which was another fear of mine.

Probably not my best look.
Most often I have worn them to walk the dog, and I have to admit they’re rather comfortable. The first trip out was a bit odd, but as my foot molded into the shoe, they’ve become much more comfortable. I even wore them this weekend while I was gardening. (And by gardening, I mean killing weeds and attempting to keep a couple plants alive).

My mother in law was over and saw the leopard print sandals, and complimented them too. She really liked that they were so soft, though she was weirded out by the multiple toe-thong part. I assured her they’re actually pretty comfortable, and I love that they stay on your feet better than flip flops. Also, when you are actually wearing the shoe, you can’t really see the pieces jammed between each toe, so aesthetically, they look a lot like flip flops.

Wellrox certainly aren’t going to replace my beloved heels any time soon, but they’re pretty perfect for late night dog walks, errands and other nonsense that heels just aren’t practical for. And at least when I wear them I feel like I’m doing something good for my feet, and maybe resetting them back to their natural state after being jammed in heels all the time. It may not fix everything, but I guess it counts for something.