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Buy One in Every Color

Red knee high boots are kind of a staple in my wardrobe. I've had them on and off for years, and wear the hell out of them.

Recently I found my new perfectly red boots courtesy of ShoeDazzle. The burgundy color is perfect, and they have great rivet detail on the eyelets and ribbon laces. Of course there's also a side zipper so it's easy to get them on and off. 

I wore the boots Thanksgiving with the family,which was a long day, and they were comfortable pretty much the whole day. That's a hell of an accomplishment at this point with my growing twin belly. 

Remell by Leila Stone
Honestly the shoes were so amazing, and fit so well, I'm considering purchasing them again. This time in black. 

But is it too weird to have the same shoes in two different colors? Especially something as unique and noticiable as a knee high boot with ribbon lacing? 

Facebook said go for it, and I think I may have to. Finding knee high boots that fit my calfs that I also like is rare enough, but to find ones with a heel that I can walk in for hours on end that are also stylish, well that's almost like finding a unicorn.  

They're the perfect boots to dress up or down and can be worn with anything from dresses to leggings  or jeans. And the rivet lace holes and ribbon laces add a touch of feminity to an otherwise useful and logical boot.

I can't remember the last time I bought something so amazingly wearable. Logic isn't my strong suit when it comes to shoes. By that rationale, I may as well buy them in every color so my logical shoes have some kind of overkill factor.