Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Emotional Shoes

Jezebel wrote a whiny, shitty post today about artist Sebastian Errazuriz and a new exhibit he has at Art Basel where he showcases shoes dedicated to exes.

Sebastian has a Tumbler called 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers. Each shoe, posted on a different day,
showcases a different ex and has a different story.

The ice queen, the boss, the rock... each one unique and reflecting a piece of the artists life with each woman. I think it's a brilliant collection of art. Jezebel thinks it's silly because he talks about sex and whines.

If that's the case then almost all art is whiny garbage.

Art comes in many forms, and I love the idea of telling stories through shoes. How is that any different than a painting, sculpture or music? The world would have almost no music if we discounted things about exes.  

The accompanying narratives take away the guess work and artistic interpretation, but it goes far to tell a story.

What Jezebel fails to understand (aside from the basic concept of art) is the idea that each shoe is a story. It doesn't necessarily mean it's all true, or that it's not embellished, but it's a wonderful interpretation of each relationship, no matter how dramatic. In fact, often it is the drama that drives the art.

Sebastian captures each relationship in such a way that just by looking at the shoe you can imagine the relationship and the accompanying sex even without reading the stories. If ever you've been in a lousy relationship, chances are you can figure out what kind of relationship it was. Or interpret it

These shoes just take the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve, and instead moves the emotions down a little so you can wear them on your feet.

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