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Wolf of Wall Street and the Shoe Hound

I watch a lot of movies. Husband is a total film buff, and we usually catch a couple a week. Usually from the comfort of our couch via Netflix. Christmas however provided a rare day off with nothing to do (because almost everything is closed) and with family celebrations behind us or still to come, and realizing after the babies arrive we’re not going to a movie again for a while, we seized the opportunity to go to the theater and catch a movie.

We also went to dinner so I could have an excuse to wear my new boots (more on that in another post).
Photo courtesy of Red Granite Pictures

Wolf of Wall Street was the film selection, and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because it’s Martin Scorsese (who doesn’t make shitty movies) and Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been consistently amazing since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. As usual Scorsese had a great attention to detail, not letting anything slip. Including the shoes.

This movie was chock full of shoe porn. Once almost literally as a character pleasures herself while wearing a pair of red Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes. Other times there were shots of mens classic Gucci loafers, Louboutin heels and mens driving loafers that I couldn’t identify, but were made of such a supple leather, they were obviously designer.

Steve Madden shoes are also prominently featured in the film, since Jordan Belfort’s firm Stratton
This really is the ultimate mens dress shoe. 
Oakmont (this is who the movie is about) took the company public. At one point they were even waving around Madden’s chunky heeled shoes that put him on the map in the mid 1990s. They also conducted some rather shady business dealings with Madden and the Steve Madden stock, but what kind of Wall Street movie would it be if there weren’t people doing shady things.

I’m not sure if Scorsese has a thing for shoes, or if he just had a really, really great costume person, but either way, the looks were seamlessly completed by the luxury footwear consistently worn by the characters throughout the film. Or maybe it wasn’t prominently featured and I’m just a total shoe hound

Personally I loved all three hours of the film, and the fact that I got to look at fabulous shoes throughout the film was simply an added bonus.


Anonymous said…
yeah... but the film was set in the 1980's. The Manalo Blahniks in the picture you have posted didn't come out until the 90's. SO I have to disagree with you that the costumes are amazing.