Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve Sparkle and Stilettos

New Year’s Eve is a night for fabulousness and sparkles. Of cute dresses and even cuter shoes.

Add a six month pregnant with twins belly and six inches of snow, and it suddenly becomes something entirely different.

Figuring this was my last New Year’s Eve out in the world for a while, the husband and I decided to go to dinner and then meet up with friends for a fabulous little Moulin Rouge soiree at a vintage movie theater.  It perfectly combined going out, cocktails (for those who could drink) and a minimal crowd so as to avoid being bumped into (or bumping into people) with my baby bump.

My clothing was all set, courtesy of my older sister, who gave me a bunch of maternity clothes, including one fabulous little black dress she wore to our cousin’s wedding.  A sparkly necklace and the right shoes and it would be perfect. The problem was really finding the right shoes.

The snow that was slowly falling all day assured me I didn’t want to skip nylons and go for open toe shoes. Plus I am in desperate need of a pedicure and can’t do it myself, so closed toe was the way to go. But then I can’t wear anything too high because I lose my balance. And I can’t wear anything too low because…well, hobbit. So I finally settled on my gold Sam Edelman heels with a gold necklace, matching earrings, and my champagne glitter Lux DeVille purse.

They survived the snow. 
If you’re going basic black, you may as well add a little sparkle.

As it turns out stilettos and a six month twin belly don’t go together that well, especially when it’s snowing. While I looked fabulous, I haven’t been that unsure of myself in a pair of heels since I used to play dress up in my mom’s shoes. Add the snow, which was slippery as anything, not to mention deep, and it was a sight to behold.  Teetering around in faux fur leopard coat, rocking the baby bump, and trying my best to look celebrity chic.

There’s a reason those people live in warm climates. There’s no chic way to walk through snow in heels. Ever, but especially when pregnant.

But I did it. Spent the last New Year’s out in a pair of fab heels. Next year may be a little more low key and involve the husband, (hopefully) sleeping babies, and the Ghost of Dick Clark, but at least I’ll be able to drink.

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