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Runway to Realway - Hair and Fashion

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows I’m kind of obsessed with hair. Not because mine is particularly awesome or because I can do amazing things with it (I can’t), but because it’s part of fashion, and there’s no excuse for bad hair.

Also, I love a good product, and ever since my best friend and hairdresser turned me on to Alterna, I have been a devoted follower. Even my travel products are all Alterna.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to attend a “Runway to Realway” wrap party for Project Runway, and meet Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director for Alterna Haircare, stylist, and the hairstylist on Project Runway.

He’s also the sweetest person you could hope to meet, and can (of course) create killer hair.

What I learned last night is that it’s all about the updo (bad news for me an my straight hair and round face) and all about profiles. Michael Shaun talked Golden Globes hair styles, the new pomp on women’s hair, and how to create beautiful, messy looks in minutes.

Of course all this was for stylists, and I am still clueless on how to do any of this for myself, and who knows if it would even look good on me. All the styles looked amazing on the models, but of course they were tall a beautiful and willowy.  A far cry from my short, curvy self, currently made even more curvy by the watermelon of 7 months worth of twins I’m carrying around.
The models and their fab updos.

The night also showcased (although by accident) some recent fashions, with everyone there dressed to impress (of course). Leggings and boots were the look for the evening, with others shoosing dresses with a fuller, circle skirt that accentuated the waist.

I opted for a black and white printed pencil skirt from ASOS Maternity and an oversized black sweater, paired with the black Remmell boots from ShoeDazzle. The low, chunky heel made walking easy and balance a non-issue, while offering up a little something extra with the ribbon lacing.

These are the boots I loved so much I have them in two colors.

I got tons of compliments on the boots, my and my bump, and now there’s a whole new crop of people waiting to see when the babies get here.  We should really start a betting pool to pay for college. Or for their clothes, because you know any children of mine are going to be fabulously fashionable.

Everyone wore black shoes.