Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Topped with Baby Shoes

The centerpieces were amazing. 
My twin girls aren't even born yet and they're already spoiled as hell.

This weekend my sisters and mother threw me one hell of a baby shower. It was complete with 200 diapers made into cakes (which should last about a day after the twins arrive), my family and friends, delightful mini bunt cakes and cookies, and each diaper cake was topped with a pair of baby shoes. 

Baby boots, gym shoes, lamb slippers, polka dots and strappy sandals. Each pair was cuter than the one before. 

When it came to gifts there were even more baby shoes that made their debut. These with sequins and glitter, including two pair of sequin leopard print Stuart Weitzman baby shoes. 

My spoiled brat kids haven't even taken their first breath of air and they have Stuart Weitzman waiting for them in their well-stocked and highly fashionable closet. 
Babies first shoe collection

I'm their mother and I don't even have a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. 

In all they have 10 different pair of shoes, and at least another 5 weeks before they make their debut into this world, when most likely their feet will be too small for any of the shoes they have right now. If they're starting their life with this much, I can only imagine how spoiled rotten they'll be by the time they're five. 

Little fashionistas before they even come out of the womb. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

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