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Bringing it Down a Notch

Heel heights that are in vogue change yearly. For the last few years heels have been sky-high stilettos
Denelle by Sole Society.
with massive platforms. Some of them got so high they bordered on vulgar, being a height and design once only reserved for dancing when you can support yourself with a pole.

This year heels have gotten a little thicker (more on that in a different post) and in doing so they have gotten a little lower. Once the standard, the newly named "mid-heel" is all over the place this year, and is much easier to walk in, and a little less scandalous than it's higher counterpart, even when in stilettos. 

The mid-heel is the perfect shoe for the office, and can go seamlessly from day to night. Another bonus is that they don't have your feet pitched at an insane angle, so you can actually walk in them, and stand in them for more than an hour. 

The mid-heel is also popping up on sandals for summer. From gladiators to strappy summer sandals, it's
Betty Bow Heels by Pinup Girl Clothing
 all about being able to walk for miles in fashion. 

Or am I the only one who walks for miles in their heels? Seriously, it's a great workout. As long as you're staying out of the grass. Any kind of heel in grass is bad and should be avoided. 

I also have to admit that now with two babies, there's also an obvious advantage for me (and all other mothers) with the mid-heels as well. Carrying squirmy babies while wearing towering platforms isn't the most practical thing, and I'm not ready to hang it up and be in all flats all the time. 

Halogen Marissa 
Comfortable and foot friendly, I have to admit that I'm personally excited heels are taking a step down. After spending the last few years of my life somewhere just shy of six feet tall and walking slow as hell, it's nice to be a little closer to the earth and able to speed up the walking just a touch.