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The Postman Rings Incessantly

Oh the things I do for shoes.... 

The other day I opted to take advantage of a massive ShoeDazzle sale and ordered a new pair of shoes. After agonizing over the size (because pregnancy was not nice to my feet), I opted for a half size larger and places the order. I then promptly forgot about them in the chaos that is being home with six week old twins. 

This morning I got up, made phone calls, answered emails, all while nursing babies and bantering with Husband, who is endlessly bringing me glasses of water, and he expressed the desire for me to take 10 minutes to myself and shower. Although the actual request involved something about me smelling like a barnyard animal and how it can't be good for the babies or humanity in general. 

Daily showers are a luxury, which all my mom friends told me and I didn't really understand/believe. 

After wrapping up all calls and emails, and getting both babies to sleep, Husband busied himself and I ran upstairs to shower. Just after I put my contacts in, and was about to start the water, standing in my bra and panties, the doorbell rang. That promptly set off the dog. 

I scrambled to figure out where I had flung my pajama pants, and the bell rang again, the dog kept barking, and I instead grabbed Husbands bath robe and went flying down the stairs as the bell rang again. 

Seriously, this person is really, really impatient. 

As I threw open the door to find the world's most bell happy mail lady I heard the first snuffles that I knew would lead to cries. 

She silently shoved the box into my hands, staring at the oversize bathrobe I had wrapped myself in and walked away as the first wail started. I then got so wrapped up in getting everyone quiet again that I didn't even get to open the box for like an hour. 

Finally, I got some quiet, and before running off to the shower, I took a moment to open my shoes. Peep toe, lace up, sling back peep toe booties with perforation detail on the vamp from Sophia & Lee. Black of course. 

Perfect with slim fit pants, work or play, and fabulously walkable. Good thing I'm going back to work soon and I may actually wear them. 

The best part is that they fit. Partially because they were final sale, and in other part so that i now know roughly what size I wear. Now it's time for closet cleaning and massive shoe shopping. 

Oh, and I did finally get that shower. Maybe another day I'll get enough time to include a pedicure too.