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Pirates v. Military- Fashion Battles

I recently finished a book of essays and articles by Chuck Klosterman and was reminded of a day long forgotten. The annual unofficial holiday of Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is an international holiday celebrated every September 19 by those who really love pirates. They even suggest those who really love pirates have pirate themed parties, buy books about pirates and download official songs.

Klosterman was discussing the day in relation to society's obsession with pirates, which we seem to still have. Unfortunately the recent bout of actual pirates (as recently as earlier this month) seem to have made the whole notion a bit less romantic. It seems none of them look like Johnny Depp, and they tend to take over ships and kill (as opposed to fight the undead and crack one liners while looking like a hotter version of Keith Richards).

Regardless, the point that pirates continue to influence society, and our fashion, still stands. This year I've seen more and more boots that have been described as "pirate boots." even those that don't have the description have elements of our romanticized version of the high seas. Buckles, scrunching and fold over tops are all in style this season, and all reek of piracy.

Ironically, military fashion is also back in style. So much so that mainstream stores are advertising their "military style" clothes on prime time commercials. What once was only found in surplus stores and army bases is now so common you can get it at the mall.

I guess the good thing is that with all these clothes in the same place, you can choose your side.

Pirates v. Military. Who will you be? (Assuming pirates aren't toothless, smelly, uncouth men and military involves walking around looking fabulous and requires zero discipline).

At least when the fights break out in the streets a la "Gangs of New York" they'll all be fashionable. Just be sure not to mix and match.


Interestingly, if you compare fashion and current event in history, every time we are at war, military clothing becomes trendy. Who knows if it is a homage to our soldiers, or a social reminder of what is happening politically. Either way, it is a very strong look for fall.