Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something sweet

This weekend I finally got my pink glittery shoes.

Actually it was only one shoe. And it was a wedge instead of a heel. But it was edible.

My ever creative mother had a shoe cake made for me for my birthday celebration with the family. And in true mom fashion she went all out and had it made pink and sparkly.

The cake was a great wedge sandal, complete with ankle straps (that were not edible), with butterfly cookies on the side. In fact it kind of looked like the wedges I wore over there (because even dinner with the family requires a little lift).

So we ate and drank. The joke of the night being the Raging Bitch ale that Dad brought home from the store. I'm pretty sure there are pictures of everyone modeling one of these beers, though it was only my brother-in-law who was brave enough to make the inevitable raging bitch joke about his wife. 

Did he want a Raging Bitch?
No thanks, he came with one.

It was a few sweet hours of relaxation. No wedding plans, no housework, no work, no cell phone (I had it, I just left it in my purse), and made all the sweeter by finally getting my pink sparkly shoes. Maybe I can't wear them on my feet, but I'm pretty sure a piece of the cake is currently residing somewhere on my hips, so either way, I'm wearing them.

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