Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Officially stylish

It's official. I'm stylish. Someone else said so. A designer actually. Oh, and my blog is too. Really it's probably just the blog since I don't personally know the person who presented me with the award. 

Thanks to Ushi Sato at The Shades and Scarf. He posted the link to the Cat in Heels fan page on Facebook after naming Cat in Heels as one of his favorite blogs. (If you haven't checked him out, you can see his stuff here.)

This cute, pay it forward style award stipulates that you mention seven things about yourself that people may not know, and send it along to your favorite style bloggers. The other one may take a while, as I have to be picky. And seven things about me no one knows...well what fun would that be. Some readers don't even know what I look like above the knee. Which is ironic considering I generally have had issues with people having full discussions with my chest.

In the interest of fairness though, you are welcome to ask me questions and I'll answer them. You can ask me shoe related questions all the time, and this time I'll even answer seven personal questions. Send them through Formspring, and knock yourselves out.

As for those other bloggers deserving of this award...I'll just have to give that some time and keep you guessing.


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Catherine...I told you years ago you were stylish...now you believe it? Congrats again!