Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hiding in plain sight

How do you hide things in plain sight?

If it's a pair of shoes in my closet, the answer is simple. Just put them in the closet. No one will notice another pair of shoes in there. Even after it's been cleaned. The trickier part is then introducing the shoes into regular rotation without answering where they came from and where they've been.

Let's back up. About a week before the wedding I went shopping with my sister and bought new wedding shoes at Bakers. If you follow me on Twitter (which my hubby does not) then you know another purchase was also made at that time. A pair of black suede H by Halston ankle boots with a studded cuff. And they were on sale. And they counted as a boot, so I got 25% off my other shoes. So like a week before my wedding I spent a couple hundred dollars on shoes.

New boots being incognito in the closet.
I was going to skip them and just get the multi-colored glitter shoes, but my sister convinced me otherwise saying that they were definitely going to be the cutest shoes I own for like a hot minute until I either buy another pair of shoes or wear ones she hasn't seen or forgot about. Plus my niece liked them. They were sparkly and she likes sparkly things.

She's a very bad influence. (My sister, not the baby).

So I gave in to peer pressure and bought the shoes and the boots. Buying two pairs of shoes the week of my wedding is not the smartest money move I've ever made in my life. So I took a page from Mom's book and kept them in the closet for a few weeks. That way no one knows but you and when you finally pull out the hidden article you can say, "I've had this for a while."

Seriously. Try it.

This week the moment of truth came. I was getting ready to go to a concert, and of course had to wear the most asinine shoes I had at the moment, so I paired them with black skinny jeans and strutted out into the living room like nothing's nothing.

"Those are cute," he said looking over from the computer.
"Thanks." I started breaking into a cold sweat thinking 'Dear God don't ask when I got them.'
"Come here. I want to show you these heels I found. Tell me if you like them," he said turning back to the computer.

And that is one of the reasons I love him. No questions and has shoe suggestions for me. Now he may read this and chastise me, but I already wore them, so it's too late to take them back, and it's kind of funny. Then again, he may not read this and my secret pre-wedding shopping impulsion will remain a secret between me, my sister and everyone who does read this.

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Arlin said...

I actually do the same thing to you with DVD's and Board games. It works pretty well, don't you think?