Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday and No Shoes

This year's Black Friday shopping adventure really wasn't that exciting.

It was exciting because there were great deals, and I got to spend the day with my sister, niece and mom, but there weren't any crazed shoppers pushing people out of the way, pulling hair and hitting one another with display heels in an effort to get the last size medium dress.

Same boots, different day
Instead we shopped our way through the mall grabbing great deals, and finding some really nice stuff for Christmas gifts. My two-year-old niece waved at Santa (the highlight of her day), danced to music in every store, and pointed out all the shoes she thought were "So cute."

For being two, she has great taste in shoes.

Surprisingly, I didn't buy any shoes today. Or maybe that's not surprising because I was actually Christmas shopping, and for once not focusing on myself. At least not the whole time.

I also learned that my Kensie boots look awesome, but are not the best mall marathon shoes. Hours and hours of walking in those left my feet hurting. Though I was pretty on-trend with my red jeans and black top. Even if my red jeans are like five years old.

Like I said, I'm always ahead of the curve.

I also resisted getting my third furry vest, although I think I'm regretting it at this point. But I guess there's always after Christmas.

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