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Waiting for Glitter

Almost one year ago to the day I bought a pair of pinkish-red glitter heels from Bakers to wear on what is probably one of the most important (and definitely the most expensive) days of my life.

My wedding.

Thanks for not having these
a year ago Bebe.
As soon as the bridesmaids were in hot pink, and I got my now-husband's OK to go all Punk Barbie-on-Acid with the dresses and colors, I knew I had to have hot pink shoes, and glitter was (of course) ideal. It was also (of course) nowhere to be found (unless I bought Louboutins, which I couldn't afford).

I had settled on a pair of hot pink satin ruffled heels, and then found the glitter ones, fell in love, bought them, got married, and moved on with my life.

My wedding shoes,
which were perfect in their own way
Now, one week shy of my 1st wedding anniversary and I swear that pink glitter shoes are practically attacking me. Probably out of spite.

Pink glitter boots, wedges, name it and some asshole somewhere has created the shoe I spent months looking for and never found (except for the aforementioned Louboutin.

Now I can't decide if I should run out and buy all the pink glitter shoes I can find as some sort of compensation, or if I should swear them off and never wear pink glitter since it wasn't there for me on my special day.

This is exactly why I should just design my own shoes. Because whatever I want is apparently all the rage six months to a year later.

Who wants to know today's obsessions? If you can find them (or make them) you'll totally be in style next Fall.