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Uphill in the Rain

I walk uphill to work in heels. This morning it was also pouring rain, which managed to find its way into my shoes and my purse, so I started the day with wet feet, a wet wallet and a crappy disposition.

In Chicago we consider this a hill.
As I sat at my desk, seriously considering rain boots for the millionth time, I got an email from Piperlime. 20% off all day because it's their birthday or some shit.

Excited (as excited as you can be about rain boots), I decided to bite the bullet and join the Hunter cult. I looked at a million pairs of boots, and finally decided on short (my man-calves are too big for the knee high), plain black. Leopard print wooly inserts to come later.

But it turns out the coupon code wasn't good on Hunter boots. Probably because they're hideous and expensive, but apparently practical so people spend ass-tons of cash on them.

My sister/cult member told me to get over it and pointed out that they're good in rain and snow and we live in Chicago, and we have four seasons so we need to be ready for anything (sometimes all in the same week). They'll last forever, Scotland will fix them if they ever crack or tear, and how many pairs of boots have you gone through in the past few years? Blah, blah, blah, practicality.
So much more fun than rain boots.

Actually I've never owned snow boots or rain boots since moving downtown years ago and simply consider it a miracle that I haven't lost a toe to the cold. She called me ridiculous and probably gave up. I then sent her a link to the neon pink leopard boots I'd rather buy with a couple hundred dollars.

Going home my feet were wet again. But at least this time it was downhill.