Saturday, February 25, 2012

Balancing on Islands

People always ask how I can walk in the heels I wear, and that was never more prevalent than when I wore my new Fergie Footwear island platform pump.

Island platforms have been popping up intermittently over the past few seasons, and I have to say I was weary. Having a platform smaller than the shoe on a five inch heels seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. At least for me.

But then I'm a little bit of a disaster.

I finally bit the bullet and got Olivia, a pair of black snakeskin pumps with a gold platform from Fergie Footwear. They were beautiful and would match that gold and black skirt I have and never wear. They may match other things too, but the skirt is really what I wanted them to go with.

Once they arrived I took them on a stroll through the apartment, and managed not to break my neck. Good news. One day at the office, and the same thing. All good.

These are my new black pumps
A week later I wore them again (and not with the gold skirt) and the unexpectedly got to leave the office and take my heels on an adventure that included driving, cobblestones and shopping (among other things).

Cobblestones were rough, but they're rough in anything other than a flat.

Other than that I have decided not to be afraid of the island platform. Deceptively easy to walk in, they add a great look and unexpected lines to the traditional platform pump. The contrasting platform is also a great element on an otherwise traditional pump.

The black and gold is great because they can both act as neutrals.

Yes, they're actually easy to walk in.
Aside from almost taking a header on the cobblestones, and figuring out how to drive in them, they were great. By the end of 12 hours my feet were screaming a little, but that's just about any heel I own.

I'm still a bit weary of the split island platform (the one with the space between "levels") but that's mostly because I don't like the way those look.

Lots of designers and brands have shoes with the island platform heel, including Charlotte Olympia, Alexander McQueen, the aforementioned Fergie, Chinese Laundry, Le Silla and more that I'm not mentioning because it's too numerous to count. I'm not sure who did it first (although Charlotte Olympia has some great, versatile designs), but it looks like they're taking hold and will be here to stay.

So next time you're looking at a pair, and not sure if you can manage to balance on a smaller platform than the rest of your foot, while it's coupled with a skinny, sky high stiletto, jump in. Or take small steps and avoid cobblestone. Whatever, just don't fall.

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Brenda Nelson said...

Wow this is amazing, just last night I saw a tv commercial for shoes showing the raised platform under the front of the foot, and was thinking later the should make that smaller - exactly like this island. I also thought they could then make interesting shapes, a flower, cat paw prints, or dolphins too. I have never seen these island type shoes so it was kinda freaky!
You need to get a picture of some kittens in a shoe... advertising cat in heels.. and there is not a cat to be seen! lol! Great blog. Well done.