Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Girl's First Heels

This weekend I got to do something I always dreamed of. Teach my niece how to walk in heels.

It happened a little sooner than I thought it would. I figured I had years before this. It would be for her first dance or a special event. Instead it was this weekend. She's two and a half years old.

We had a family party this weekend and my niece got a few belated Christmas gifts from some of her many admirers (family we don't see a lot). This included a bunch of stuff to do hair (she loves playing beauty shop) and a fairy princess set, complete with crown, wand, earrings and bracelets, and her very first pair of high heels.

She was ecstatic. Of course she had to open it at once, get pieces all over the place, put on all the bracelets she could find, and shed her little red Mary Janes for a more sophisticated pair of pink plastic high heels, adorned with sparkly flowers on the toe.
Baby Girl's first heels.

She always loves my shoes, so she shuffled over to show me, and I of course had to encourage this behavior. Her mom (my sister) was not a girly-girl, so her daughters love of all things sparkly and fabulous delights me to no end.

I took my niece by the hand, and promised to teach her how to walk in her amazing new shoes, and we shuffled into the living room to show her dad how grown up she is. Her shoes were too big, and she wasn't used to the extra height. There was a little bit of wobbling, and a full-on wipe out down a step, but she was so proud of herself in those shoes. Nothing was going to slow her down.

They're her beautiful big-girl shoes, and look like the ones her crazy Aunt Hoppy (that's me) wears. One day we'll go out together and buy heels that fit and aren't made of plastic. And I'll try to keep her from falling down.

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