Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preggos, kids and heels

Being pregnant has got to be awkward. I've never been pregnant, but by the time month 7 or 8 rolls around, most girls look uncomfortable. Their belly is somewhere between beach ball and basketball, the waddle is setting in, and they're generally just uncomfortable and kind of bitchy. 

Plus everyone keeps rubbing their belly like they're some kind of Buddha and their belly is public domain.

Being knocked up doesn't mean you can't wear heels. 
Of course this is also the time when friends and family throw a shower, forcing these poor women to dress up and be nice for hours at a time and dress up. Today I attended a baby shower for a friend and she looked fabulous (which she always does) and smiled and was nice, despite the fact that she was probably exhausted, and she did the whole thing in a really sharp pair of nude to black ombre heels. 

At the end of the day we took a photo together, and she commented on how tall my shoes were (because we were eye to eye for once), and we both looked down.

"I am so done with these heels," she said laughing. 

Once willing to wear skyscraper heels, her growing belly has downgraded her heels to a few hours and three inches. Once the baby arrives I doubt she'll be spending all her days in heels either, and by the time it's a toddler, forget it. I've tried chasing toddlers in heels. It's not pretty. 

So pregnant women, enjoy your heels now. Even if you're waddling and hating the way you look, because once the baby is here you probably shouldn't be picking it up while wearing three inch platforms and five inch heels because your center of gravity is nowhere near center and you could drop the baby. Although if you do, more power to you. And if you decide to play it safe and not pick up babies when you have a jacked-up sense of balance, don't get rid of your sky-scraper heels yet. The kid has to learn to walk sometime. May as well start working on that sooner rather than later. 
Don't let good heels go to waste. 

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