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A Farewell to Shoes

Sometimes shoes wear out.

It's a sad fact, but after years and years of being loved and worn on a regular basis they just start to wear down, and sometimes they get to the point where even a cobbler can't fix the problem.

This weekend some of my favorites, which had been dying, long, painful deaths, were put to their final sleep (which is really the garbage cans behind my building).

The pile of dead heels, and one flip flop Thor ate.
A pair of my favorite heels was among the deceased was my red Nine West heels with the black and white piping around the edges. I bought these heels about a year after I got my first real job, and I spent all my grocery money on them and ate nothing but cereal for a week.  I also wore them constantly and with just about everything. Eventually the sling back was falling down, the leather was peeling, the heels were ripped up, and they were just sad looking.

The gold heels were Jessica Simpson , and were some of the first that came out. Before her first marriage, first divorce and the chicken/tuna conundrum, I bought these heels, kind of hating myself because her music sucks. Still I wore the hell out of those heels. The perfect muted gold with a neutral wooden heel they went with everything from jeans to dresses. At some point though I broke the shoe and the heel was all wobbly.

I was probably drunk when it happened.

The purple shoes were a gift from my sister and matched this fabulous silk purple striped skirt. I can't even tell you where they were from or who made them because pretty much every part of those heels was falling apart. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of color, I wore the hell out of those.

It's the snakeskin ones are the ones with the black strap that really destroy me. Only a few years old, the leather on these Steve Madden peep toes started to crack along the edges, and not on the seams. One of my go-to pair for just about everything when I can't afford to be in sky-high heels, I'm pretty sure I just walked these to death.

Luckily I have managed to replace almost all of them with something comparable, and more or less fabulous. Unfortunately, I can't replace these exact shoes with the same styles, but they have a hell of a lot of stories behind them, and they can all say they were well loved.

They were also so worn out that when someone went digging through my garbage a few days later, they left every single pair.