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Getting My Feet Wet

Late last fall I did something I never got around to sharing with the blog. I bought a pair of boots, but they weren’t cute. They were a pair of black, Sperry “Pelican,” knee high rain boots that fit my calves. I even bought the inserts to go with them so that I could wear them in the snow. 

Leopard made them more tolerable.
Winter was mild, and snow never really came, spring wasn’t that rainy, and summer has been a scorching bitch with little to no rain, so since last fall my traditional rubber rain boots, made by the company who is known for deck shoes, sailing and all things water, were barely ever worn. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I wore them to work the other day (because it was finally raining) and they were hurting a spot on my ankle. I got to my desk, pulled them off and found that they had split apart along the seam and were ripping. 

Apparently that’s what you get for $100 and deciding to look silly so you don’t ruin your shoes or clothes. 

Needless to say I was livid, and after a bunch of tweets back and forth with Nordstrom (where I bought them), I brought the offending boots back and they were kind enough to give me a full refund since they had nothing comparable in stock. 

Nordstrom customer service is awesome. I will shop there forever. The only problem? I still don’t have boots (although they are trying to help me find some).

This is bullshit.
So like this morning when it was some kind of apocalyptic monsoon outside when I left for the office, I got wet. I spent the whole first part of my day wondering if I could dry the hem of my pants under the hand dryer in the ladies room. 

Luckily the commute home was a little less eventful. 

As if it wasn’t painful enough to spend $100 on a pair of rubber boots when I can only think of all the heels I want that are under $100, now I have to do it again, less than six months after the initial trauma. 

Maybe this time I should listen to the masses and just buy a damn pair of Hunters. But I swear, if those split too I’ll just start staying inside on rainy days.