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The Unattainable Shoes

I get lots of links, pictures and emails sent to me that all have the same thing in common. "You need these."

Well, I don't have the money to buy every shoe I love, or that someone loves for me, and while I take gifts, shoes aren't exactly showering down on me. Therefore, I am pretty picky (seriously) about which shoes to buy. Assuming they're something vaguely classic and quality. Trendy, affordable shoes are all over my closet because apparently when it comes to something crazy that won't be in style next year, I have no self control.

I'm trying to work on that.

There are a few designers that I regularly obsess over who manage to do quirky twists on classic shoes, at which point I save my pennies, make an investment and love the shoes forever.

John Fluevog is is one of my quality, quirky obsessions, and recently my sister sent me a link that came with the following message: "Um, hi. I know these are 'mens,' but I think you should own them. Because ohmygod."

And there they were. The "ohmygod" shoes that really did take my breath away. I literally start to drool every time I look at them (it's almost embarrassing).

There's only one problem. I can't wear mens' shoes. Women can subtract two sizes from their shoe size to figure out what size they wear in mens. So if you're a 10 in women's shoes you wear an 8 in mens. I'm a 7, which means I wear a 5 in mens. The only problem is a 5 in mens is actually kids. Apparently men don't have smaller than size 6 feet. Which admittedly would be super weird if guys had bizarre, tiny feet like me. Unfortunately, now I can't buy these shoes from Fluevog, and they are all I have been thinking about. I'm pretty sure these would be the perfect boots for just about everything.

Any men who wear these should also be given massive props. Yes, these have a heel, but they're a fantastic, artistic take on a classic boot. And if you're looking for something that gives you a little lift, without making you look all Victorian, this is the shoe.

Maybe I can start a letter campaign and have John Fluevog make a pair in a men's 5 just for me. Or I'll just call my friend in New York and tell him to buy them so I can live vicariously though him.