Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Surviving Summer

July marks the unofficial beginning of barbecue season. Suddenly the rest of the summer is full of picnics, grilling, and drinking beers on friend's porches.

Nautical inspired wedges
While this is fun and all, it does pose the issue of suddenly aerating people's lawns, heels falling between slats of decks, and risking tripping on a crack of a pool deck and falling in.

OK, so the last one has never happened to me, but I live in fear of it.

So what's one to do to get through the whole summer without running around in dreaded flip-flops and being pocket size (or hobbit size) all summer?

Super cute with just about anything. 
Wedges. They're like cheating. You can walk, not fall through decks or into lawns, and get a little height. And they're more flattering to the profile than a pair of flatforms, which I just can't seem to get behind.

The best part about wedges is that you can find pretty much any kind of them all summer, and they go with pretty much everything. Shorts, dresses, sundresses, capri pants...maybe I'm missing something but they probably go with that as well.

Although they are probably just as risky around a pool. If you're going to be around a pool just minimize risk and take your shoes off.

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