Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adding a Little Orange

Earlier this summer I decided I needed a pair of orange heels. Why? Cause I didn’t have any. Duh.

Seriously, they actually match a lot. 
So I did a little online browsing and found a nice, cheap pair of orange canvas peep toe heels from ShoeDazzle. Moderate platform, moderate heel. And no I have no idea what moderate means other than I can walk in them.

When they showed up I was a little perplexed because I realized that in my frenzy to buy orange heels I had nothing to go with them. I don’t wear orange. Hell, I barely even wear color. But a little digging around in my closet and a trip to Banana Republic where I found this fabulous orange silk Trina Turk tank, and I'm suddenly wearing these damn orange heels all the time.

They go great with my navy cigarette pants. And when in doubt just toss on a plain shirt and let the heels be your pop of color. If you actually have color in your wardrobe, add some orange accessories to tie the whole thing together. I’ve also worn them as the pop of color with my white jeans, which was pretty great.

Orange and pink a great combo that shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially when paired with something a ridiculous as my Miami inspired Target Style ruffled skirt with the flamingos on it. (They’re very subtle, I promise).

I should get these Ruthie Davis heels.
My zebra print mini is also pretty fab with these heels, especially when paired with the orange Trina Turk tank.

Within a couple of weeks my trendy impulse purchase turned into a real heel that I should have invested some real money in. Who knew that orange heels could go with so much in my color-void of a closet. These heels have walked miles this summer, have gotten dirty (because they’re canvas) and are complimented as much as any heel I have.

Pretty good trick for a pair of totally affordable, unassuming peep totes that just happen to be amazing because they’re orange.  

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