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Fall Studs

Just a sampling of my collection of weapons/heels.
Late summer brings all the fall fashions. Suddenly they start hitting the stores and it becomes obvious that a few styles will become prevalent and take over for the next few seasons.

This fall that trend is apparently studs. 

I have always been a fan of studs and spikes on everything from shoes to shirts and jackets, and this fall they're easy to find because they're on everything. Shoes, purses, men's and women's clothing, and in styles from small studs that create intricate designs to full on spikes that make statements. 

I'm seriously obsessed with these boots, available at Lori's Shoes
Once upon a time I had to add them to my own clothing and search far and wide to find things that would make my mom ask, "Where did you find that?" Now it's suddenly everywhere, and considered chic. So how did these pieces of metal fabulousness go from something for rockers and bikers to being so mainstream?

While I don't have an answer for that question, I guess I'm begrudgingly happy that the fashion world finally caught up with my obsession with everything studded. This is especially fabulous on leather in the form of shoes, bags and jackets. I stay away from studded pants and pockets. It's a little too middle school for my taste. 

When it comes to shoes and studs though, in my opinion anything goes. From heels that you can accidentally stab yourself with (because I've totally done that) to something more subdued or artistic, it's all amazing. 

It's also a look that's not necessarily going to last long, so I better start buying the hell out of studded shoes before they disappear again.