Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meeting Sam Edelman

No joke. I got to meet the legendary designer and his son Jesse Friday at the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue where Sam was talking to fans, signing shoe boxes and being generally fabulous.

I wish I could wear spikes to the office. 
As I wandered around and drooled over the new line Circus by Sam Edelman, and sipped an Izzie drink brought to me by waiters, I couldn't help but notice the frenzy around me. Women were clamoring for shoes. Sales people were in short supply as they brought out piles of the green and black boxes and women tore through the wrapping like kids at Christmas.

Sam Edelman is also the Sam behind Sam and Libby, the footwear company that came to fame in the 1980s with their ballet flat. Now on to something different, Sam Edelman is still designing shoes that make women drool, and the shoe business is still a family affair.

I had the chance to speak with Sam's son Jesse for a bit about their new line Circus. A little more flash, a little higher platform, and a slightly lower price point, Circus is aimed at a slightly younger demographic, but maintains the quality and design Sam Edelman is known for. The shoes on display were everything from basic platform pumps in fun candy colors to embellished sandals, to my favorite) boots with spike ankle cuffs.

Sam Edelman signing my shoebox.
I also had the amazing opportunity to speak with Sam, get my photos taken, and have him sign my shoebox. Before he signed them he took them out to look at them, and after signing the box top he started to repack the shoes.

Inside I was freaking out. Should I let him do that? Isn't he above stuffing tissue paper into the toe of my new tortoise shell Danielle's? But he did it with such care, professionalism and speed that before I could even do anything, they were all packed up and slid back into the Nordstrom bag.

We chatted for a few moments about the blog, his shoes, and how much I love them (I happened to be wearing my gold Sam Edelman pumps), how many I own (I could run marathons in the Novato pump), and then he was off, helping another longtime fan who was looking for something trendy, with a low heel that was "appropriate for a middle age woman."

I have never seen a designer who was so attentive to fans. He wasn't just sitting behind a table, signing his name. He was up and about, running around the floor, helping with shoe selections, consulting on fits and looks, and taking pictures galore.

Thanks to Nordstrom and Sam Edelman!
That evening was the highlight of my entire week. I got to meet a shoe icon, have my photo taken with him, and got a new pair of amazing heels. I even got a Sam Edelman cookie.

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