Thursday, October 4, 2012

Winning Shoes

I have to send a super huge thanks and hugs out to the beautiful Elizabeth Keene at A Keene Sense of Style and Charles David for the amazing shoes they sent me.

Love these!
A Keene Sense of Style hosted a giveaway on her blog with Charles David and gave away a pair of beautiful suede and leather pumps. I was lucky enough to win (which was amazing because I never win anything), and now they're in my loving home.

Like my other Charles David pumps, they're comfortable as hell because they have perfected the pitch of high heels shoes, and all their shoes can be worn all day.

My only problem with them is that the ankle strap is a little short for my muscular legs. Not so tight I can't buckle them, but just enough that it's buckled as loosely as possible.

Keene pairs them with some fab printed pants on her blog. 
So far they've only been paired with my navy Banana Republic cigarette pants, but they're going to be a staple all winter. Aside from the fact that I can wear them forever without my feet hurting, the gorgeous burgundy color goes with everything. I see these paired with a black sweater dress, black cigarette pants, and some amazing printed pencil skirts.

I'll probably have to buy something else to go with them too. Time to go shopping. I'm thinking that houndstooth pencil skirt I saw at Banana Republic would be the perfect thing.

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