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Oxblood and the Color of the Season

Oxblood is the “it” color of the season. Or maybe it’s red. How about crimson? Or Rouge? Or….

Or who really gives a shit? The important thing is that red shoes are finally easy to find again.

Emerson Fry dream heels
Seriously, this was once an issue. I had one pair of red shoes. They were a pointed toe pump with a double strap from Chinese Laundry and I wore them to death. Their death anyway. I wore them until the leather straps threatened to snap and the soles were wearing thin. I even bought red shoe polish so I could cover the scuffs on them.

When they finally died, I mourned and spent years looking for the right red shoes. Finally I found a couple pair, though nothing that quite took the place of that original pair.

This week my sister decided to ask for my assistance in finding a pair of oxblood pumps. She fell in love with a pair from Emerson Fry, and was looking for something comparable that’s a little less than $200.

Lucky for her this is the season of oxblood/red/crimson/rouge/burgundy shades of red. Immediately I started googling “oxblood pumps” and saw an amazing pair at DSW that were perfect for her. They were also a pair of $600 Prada heels, so there went that whole saving money thing. She was totally better off before I started “helping.”

In love with H by Halston
There are lots of options out there for those who want to get in on the red trend for Fall. DSW has a huge selection of pumps and loafers, Charles David has an amazing pump (which I own) in “fig” which combines patent leather and suede to a beautiful shoe. Bakers offers a couple great options in dark red, including a high platform t-strap pump from H by Halston and the Naomi Classic pump with a more moderate heel and pointed toe

Naomi Classic
Perhaps the best thing about red or crimson shoes though is how much you will actually wear them. I find them to be a staple of my wardrobe, and have a couple different shades for a few different seasons. Even my Doctor Marten combat boots are in the classic oxblood shade.

A shade of red can add a splash of color to any outfit, and when it’s a deep red it’s a subtle, sensual shade, that can go with anything from black to blue to gray, and seamlessly take you from fall, through winter and well into spring. The only question left them is that of budget and material, and regardless of what exactly you’re looking for (in both those areas) the possibilities are almost endless.