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Digging Though Gilt

Like my closet, but bigger.

Last night I got an advance sneak peek into the Gilt City Raid the Warehouse sale in Chicago, and it was overwhelming.

That's putting it mildly.

I was escorted into the Museum of Contemporary Art Warehouse by a gentleman in a suit, and after walking up a ramp was suddenly standing in line. There's always a line.

After checking my coat and bag I walked up a very warehouse set of concrete steps, and into a room filled with Vita Coco, champagne, Popchips, Benefit Cosmetics and other vendors. After getting a glass of champagne I turned the corner and was faced with tables and tables of shoes.

Pretty sure I heard angels singing.

I headed straight for the size 7 section and started digging through boxes and boxes of shoes. Around me women were in a frenzy, pulling on Hunters, Ted Baker boots, and heels galore. I started sifting through boxes and found a few things I liked. One was a pair of cork heels (until I already realized I have some), and then there were those amazing Brian Atwood pumps (which were still out of my price range at $300). Finally I found a pair of blush Dolce Vita heels with a bow on the back. Super cute and I don't own any blush heels.

Hordes of people are in those aisles.
As I moved away from the shoes I saw the rest of the warehouse was in even more of a frenzy. Women were digging through racks with wild abandon, not paying attention to anything including size (some of that stuff was never going to fit).

I started sifting though racks and found a couple things that were actually worthy of trying on, including an amazing 1960s inspired blue Tahari dress, which ended up fitting in all the wrong places. (Dear Tahari, women have different waist and hip measurements).

The handbags were another story. Amazing and expensive. I'm going to assume that everything affordable was snatched up before I got there, because all that was left was a bunch of stuff that was $400 and over and this great envelope clutch that had a very unfortunate (i.e. hideous) jeweled seashell clasp.

I wish I had taken a picture of it. I've never seen anything like it.

This was my haul for the evening.
After being generally disappointed in the clothing side of the warehouse, I went back to shoes to try and find something else. I finally found the most amazing black pumps (I forget by who), and they were half a size too big. I almost cried.

Finally I decided to make my way out, picked up a Coco Cafe on my way out, and purchased my Dolce Vita pumps. $29 for a pair of $88 shoes. Not too bad, not too amazing, but they're mine.

At least I got a drink, my coconut water and caffeine and a new pair of heels in a color that I don't already have. At least I don't think I have anything in that color...