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Blue leopards don't count

I have a complete lack of self control.

After abstaining from buying the leopard print shoes with the red ruffle, and being all proud of myself, I have caved. And it was not to zebra. And it is not, in the truest sense of the word, leopard.

OK, it's leopard. I bought new leopard shoes (by Iron Fist). But they were on mad sale, and they're peep toe...

And they're BLUE!!!!

Blue leopards totally don't count as leopard, and it makes sense because I don't have blue shoes.

Wait, I do have blue shoes, but one pair is a suede, wedge, peep toe and another one is navy patent leather loafer (with a heel) that's very corporate-chic.

Blue leopard is not corporate. I will inevitably wear them to work though, with the one outfit I have that goes with them.

In an effort to not totally waste them on work, I immediately wore them to Easter dinner at my sister's with a black dress and a peek of a blue shell underneath. Easter is apparently very hip at my family's house. Mom and Dad gave my sisters and I scarves in lieu of candy in our baskets, which were of course functional baskets (not the kind with a handle), so blue leopard print peep toes are not only acceptable, and expected, but complimented.

Now I need to go out and buy more blue and black clothes so I can wear them occasionally.

*A special thanks to Natalie who remembered she had these sitting on the sale rack in her store.


VelvetJinxx said…
I've always noticed your great shoes - and now I see you have a great blog!
VelvetJinxx said…
PS - this is Jenna Karvunidis ;)
Cat said…
Thanks Jenna. I aim to entertain.