Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shoe box Jenga

I've mentioned my hate of shoe boxes before. Sure they look nice and keep your shoes from getting all jacked up and stabbing one another with their knife-like heels, marring leather, smashing bows and so on, but I really prefer racks.

Racks allow the shoes to sit out and look beautiful. They can breathe and be admired by anyone who may peek in my freakishly-large Chicago closet (which may or may not actually be a pantry) in order to feel bad about their own shoe collection and lack of closet space.
This game sucks.

Unfortunately I have run out of built in shelves, and my racks are full, and I haven't yet gotten to The Container Store to buy more (I love their wire stackable racks) so I've started storing the shoes in boxes and playing Shoe Box Jenga.

You know, the delightful game where you're totally running late in the morning, and of course need to shoes in the box that has made it's way to the bottom of the pile, and instead of taking all the boxes off and stacking them next to you, you try to save time and slide the bottom box out carefully.

That would probably totally work except that you're late, so everything has to go to hell. So instead of being all stealthy and ninja-like, the boxes all topple on you, shoes fly everywhere, you get hit by at least one heel, trip over a purse, step on the heel of another shoe that didn't get put away, and use a string of words that could make a sailor blush.

Or is that just me?

Moral of the story; shoe boxes suck and I have to get my ass to buy some more shoe racks. There's still a good eight feet to the ceiling.

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