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I am an overachiever

A new study said that 14% of women hide some of their shoe purchases. 

Really? Only 14%. That seems kind of low. Then again this is from the Today Show, and they're probably full of crap. I mean how do they even come up with this data anyway? They sure as hell didn't call me. Not that I'm hiding shoes again, but if he doesn't ask or doesn't notice it's really not my fault.

Part of the reason I don't mention every blasted purchase I make, shoes or otherwise, is that my husband doesn't really give a shit what I spend my money on. Still, sometimes you just feel bad for bringing home another pair of shoes so you leave them in the hall under a pile of coats for a few hours until you can successfully sneak them into the closet (not that I've ever done this). Especially after you said you don't have money to go to the eye doctor or something "important." Ironically it's usually because I bought some outrageous new pair of shoes I had to have. 

This is why I need a walk in closet.
The article goes on to say that the average woman has 17 pairs of shoes, which means I am also an overachiever. Big time.

I think I bought more than 17 pair of shoes this calendar year. Again, who are they calling about this?!

In fact, I just walked into my closet, looked around and counted 50 pairs I could see. So that doesn't count the shoes in the storage bins, shoe racks, other rooms, the office, ones facing the wrong direction, buried under other stuff, my husband's shoes, or the new pair of shoes that were delivered today and not put in the closet yet.

I'm kind of proud right now, and yet worried that maybe I'm a little sick. But at least I've managed to shop myself out of being average.


Stout said…
What? They didn't call me either and I'm an overachiever just like you! Stupid Today Show...