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Texting consultation in shades of gray

I get a lot of people asking me for shoe consultations. Personal emails, questions through Formspring, and questions on Facebook, I can solve all the shoe problems in the world.

Budget constraints, design problems, walking problems, matching problems...I can tackle anything, and come up with a good answer that doesn't make 98% of people cry.

Every so often though I have my own issues that need to be dealt with, at which point I text my friends. Recently they've been getting texts about the caramel boots (what the hell matches them), and then this week there was another one that started with my hairdresser innocently asking me when I'm coming in to get my awful roots fixed.

Cat: OK, neutral gray pump or black and white with yellow piping? 

Hairdresser: Hmmm...Gray

Cat: I think you're right. It's a medium gray patent, so very neutral. The others are awesome, but the yellow makes them less versatile. 

These totally aren't them, but close.
Hairdresser: Very true. We don't need another caramel issue. 

Cat: Ugh! But they were such a good deal!

Hairdresser: I know. 

Cat: And the sweater dress is really cute, it's just too short for work because of my butt. 

Right, did I mention that dress I got to go with the boots is awesome, but too short for the office? At least my office. And every other office I've ever worked in.

Hopefully these gray heels will be a little more versatile. Probably because they weren't on super sale. Plus I actually own gray.