Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Sole Sisters' films an obsession

I love film. Not because of anything shoe related, but on it's own. Movies are great. I don't watch TV, but I will sit down with a film every night. From dramas to foreign films, action and horror, I have found my niches and love them.

A few months ago I was made aware of a film project that I have now been obsessively following via various social networks, and can't wait for it to come out. It's a documentary by Cynthia Salzman Mondell, an award winning independent filmmaker, and she is tackling the topic of shoes. Sole Sisters is the name of the project, and Mondell is talking to women about their shoes. The clever tagline reads "Every shoe has a story. Every woman has both."

I cannot think of a more true statement, or a more fascinating topic. Mondell has been gathering women's stories about their shoes. What they mean. Why. Where they're from. She's collecting women's stories and creating a film.

It's sort of like the non-narcissistic, self-centered version of this blog.

Tell your story, have it told in a film, and eat a shoe.
 It's true though, and so many people pass over women's love of shoes as "a girl thing." And while that may be the case, it's also something that we share, and each pair has a story. Some of them are accomplishments, some are regrets. I remember the shoes I wore to my godmother's funeral, and the ones I wore when my husband proposed. I have bought shoes as a reward to myself, a consolation prize, a goal....

Apparently I am not the only one who does this. The website is full of stories of women's shoes and what they meant to them. Some have memories of their mothers shoes, some bought shoes to remember a friend, to be in a parade, for their mother to wear when she was well.

Currently "Sole Sisters" is looking for additional story submissions, and giving away a chocolate shoe (does it get any better?). You may not be able to wear it, but it will be a beautiful addition to any shoe collection, and it can be eaten on a night in.

Click here to submit your story, and read some of the amazing stories of shoes that women have already submitted.

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