Thursday, April 7, 2011

Choosing your fit

Today I posted a link to an article about what stores are trying to do to make people have a better shopping experience, up to and including, using "slimming mirrors." Stupid idea, right? So someone responds to me on Twitter that at least shoes always fit, no matter how fat or thin you are, and I started thinking about it and realized that's really a lot of horse shit.
Don't bother trying Ms. Cankles

Shoes do not always look good on anyone no matter the size.

Sure, we like to say they do, and yes, they're generally kinder than pants (which I loathe shopping for), but in reality you can certainly be too skinny, too fat, or simply have the wrong type of body (man calves anyone?) for certain shoes.

Take ankle straps for example. If you have skinny, tiny bird ankles that look like they may snap at any second, chances are ankle straps aren't your thing. They won't fit, don't support, and look like ass just dangling around the ankle like a defective anklet. Conversely if you have giant cankles and have to cut off circulation to get that buckle around what others call an ankle, those probably aren't your best bet.

These can make me look like a bell.
Women who are six feet tall probably look stupid if they were to wear a pair of my six inch heels, just like I look like a fat little hobbit if I try to pair ballet flats with anything (mostly because my pants drag on the ground and I look like I have no feet).

So shoes may be more forgiving than pants, skirts, and pretty much anything sold at Forever 21, but, just like pants, that doesn't mean everyone gets a free pass to wear whatever shoes come in their size. Make sure you're wearing something that flatters your body shape (actually important), that doesn't create "foot fat" or unsightly bulges, and most important, make sure you can walk in them.

The best pair of heels go totally to waste when someone is doing the cow walk in them.

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findingmyway said...

love it and so true! also if you have wide feet, don't buy sandals with narrow footbeds. nothing worse than "toe hangage", it's creepy and looks awful.