Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking stock

I have an inventory problem. I apparently have absolutely no idea how many shoes I have or what colors I own them in.

All my brown heels
A couple weeks ago I decided to order a pair of nice, but dull, brown Michael Antonio heels with an open toe and some '70s inspired rivets. They're great, but they're brown and practical. I really wanted the burgundy and yellow shoes, but didn't order those because I don't own anything yellow (except a different pair of shoes) and I needed brown shoes.


Yeah. I didn't have brown peep toes or brown sandals. I may not even have brown heels. Yep. now that I think of it my closet is totally devoid of brown shoes. What a travesty. This must immediately be fixed, so I ordered the cute, but sensible brown heels so I have some summer shoes.

They showed up the night before I went on a business trip and I opened them, tried them on and tossed them on the top of the shoe box pile in my closet. I don't even think I tweeted about them. (Seriously, that's how dull these shoes are).

Yesterday I was in my closet putting shoes away, trying not to trip and impale myself on a heel all horror movie style, and I picked up a brown pump.  Closed toe, small platform and a strap. I bought them at Nordstrom a few years ago.

Totally forgot about them (which is dumb because I wore them last week).

These are the shoes I don't own. Boo.
I walked over to the shoe rack to put them away and was staring at a pair of brown patent peep toe faux crocodile pumps a friend bought for me from his boutique years ago.

I totally forgot about those too.

So now I'm going to have to go through my summer shoes too, because apparently I didn't need brown shoes. I guess I have some. Sure they're different than my new purchase, but I still own them.

All that really means though is that I should have bought the burgundy and yellow shoes instead.

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