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Massive shoe fail

Thursday evening Figgy and I finally went on the hunt for the elusive Lita boots by Jeffrey Campbell. We thought they were elusive because we couldn't find time to get together, but it turns out time wasn't even a factor.

After work I headed into the subways of Chicago to fight rush hour traffic on trains, only to get off at one of the most crowded and college-student saturated parts of the city. As we pushed through the fog and throngs of pseudo-intellectuals, we finally made it to our destination. Akira.

Oh wait, it was just the clothing store. Please pause while we try on 100 outfits and buy nothing. (Still totally regretting not buying the leopard print strapless dress).

We walked out dejected about the lack of shoes, and I begrudgingly followed her into Urban Outfitters, which gives me a rash because their clothes are all really hideous and nothing fits right. Luckily that was a short trip (because it was all ugly).

As we sighed the sigh of defeat, we spotted Akira shoes across the street. That's where our boots live. Delighted we skipped across the street, burst in the doors and scoured the whole place in 12 seconds for the boots.

"They only carry those at our Bucktown location," the sales girl informed us.

We drink shoe-themed wine while bitching about shoes
Oh. Shit. Bucktown traffic sucks. There's no parking, and it's aggravatingly close to my house, to the point where I can walk, so driving is extra stupid. But apparently still undeterred we went back to the car, down North Ave. and into the heart of Hipsterville...where we spent 30 minutes looking for a place to park the frigging car.

Walking into the Bucktown location we were now hungry, had bad hair from the constant drizzle, and were feeling sad (total white whines). Once inside we went straight to the sales girl who said, "Oh, we are sold out. We only got a few colors and they're gone."

I believe I actually swore at her, then complimented a drag queen on her choice of blue cage heels.

Fine. Then since I'm here and you have Hunter boots on sale, and I need rain boots, let's see those in a size 7. Oh, you only have Kermit the Frog Green. Whatever, I'll try them on then. Oh, you don't have those? Fuck. Fine, I'll try something else on....

Those drag queens and I probably tried on every shoe in that store, and I'm pretty sure we all walked out empty handed. Not because they didn't have anything I liked, but they didn't have anything I loved.

Back at my place we ordered a pizza, cracked open a bottle of shoe themed wine and scoured the internet for Litas. Apparently it's the shoe du jour right now.

Whatever. I'll own some soon. Thank God for the internet and wine. Now I just need to decide on a color and go back to get the leopard dress, because they'd look great together.