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Loafing around

Every few years the classic loafer (this season it's called a spectator) makes it's way back into the stores and hearts of the world. There's something about that round shape, too much stitching, tassels and/or fringe that doesn't move, that people gravitate towards at least once a decade. 

My heeled loafers and spectators
A few years ago a friend of mine managed to find me a pair of blue patent leather loafers that had fringe, tassels, a bow, and a wood stacked 4 inch heel. He bought them without even asking. He knew I'd love them.

 Around the same time I bought a pair of loafers/spectators (with a heel) from Steve Madden. I saw them and loved them. The color combination paired with the narrow toe and wooden heel made the shoe look a little 1930s and a lot corporate chic. This season spectators and their monotone brother, loafers, seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, they're all flat.

Kenneth Cole and Cole Haan boast beautiful spectators in various fun, candy colors for men and women. Steve Madden has some great one-color women's spectators sans heel, but none of them seem to have the same fun tassels and fringe that my navy patent ones boast.

Prada knows loafers
That would be the same navy patent loafers that are falling apart. That I need to replace, and no matter where I look I can't find exactly what I want.

 Prada and Balenciaga both made some for Fall 2010 (so look for them to be really big this fall). Unfortunately my job doesn't see fit to pay me enough to keep me in Prada loafers and indoors simultaneously, so I have to continue my search. Etsy offers a vintage pair from the 1970s in a size 9 (not my size), and plenty of places offer them with some sad-ass excuse of a heel or some kind of hideous unconstructed toe that makes your loafer look more like a slipper (barf).

Maybe I'll work extra this summer and buy the Stuart Weitzman loafers so I can get something amazing that I actually like, or maybe I can find a couple pairs that are adequate but not perfect. Any pair will do so long as they're not flat.


dc said…
These. Get these. Make these.

Even I love them, and I am not a loafer fan.
Cat said…
I do love those. They also have some amazing two tone spectators with a taperd toe and a heel you can make. Milk and Honey will break me.