Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The pain of beautiful shoes

Today an article about model's feet hit the Internet and made people all over want to gag. 

What happens when models are in runway shows day after day, tromping around in heels, acting as human coat hangers for the newest fashions? Their feet look damaged, and probably hurt like hell. 

My initial reaction was that it was awful, but once I thought about it a little, I decided it's really not that bad. Especially once you take all the various factors into account. 

For one, models don't always get to wear shoes that fit. Sometimes they jam their feet into shoes that are too small, and sometimes they have to strap on shoes that are too big. In both cases they then have to walk like there's no problem. 

Lucky for them those runways are usually pretty short. 

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So really, what are the big problems that heels cause when you spend Fashion Week walking runways?

Runaway pinkie toes in strappy sandals, blisters, scratches, bruises. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. 

I spend my days in heels, and probably walk around in them just as much as models (if not more). Sure, my shoes fit because I buy them, but I'm not on a smooth runway either. 

Instead my 5'4" non-model frame and doll size feet glide around the city, skipping over sidewalk cracks, teetering through construction zones, jumping over those damn orange nubby things at crosswalks, and running all over the office, and I've managed to not have all kinds of crazy bruising and scratches. Maybe I'm just more resilient than the models are. Probably because I eat. 

Whatever. Beauty is pain. By the end of the series of Fashion Week in Paris, the runway models are showing off not only clothes, but the pain that goes along with looking so good. 

Right now I hope they're all getting foot rubs and eating cheese burgers. 

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