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Spring to Summer Trends and Travel

Manhattan called again, and here I am. Too bad I never get any time to do anything fun while I'm here. Like shop. I'm in a city known for its boutiques, and I see the inside of a hotel and the airport.

This trip I did manage to steal one hour, which was spent power walking down Lexington Ave. looking for places to shop. My ultimate conclusion: this part of New York has most of the same stores Chicago does. I did find one little shoe store with a couple gems in it, but none in my size. There were also a bunch of jewelry stores (speaking of gems), but I'm not here for purchases of that kind. 

Aldo and a lovely color block.
Unfortunately, I'm not here to shop at all. 

What I did realize as I swept through the stores at warp speed, was that some trends that were around last season are here to stay for a little while. So breathe easy, because those color block heels and cap toe shoes are going to slide right through summer and seamlessly into fall. 

Leopard print, pony hair (shoes and bags) and anything and everything with studs is also still on everyone's radar, which is good, because I have been wearing that stuff for years, regardless. 

Cap toe, spikes and pony hair. Steve, I love you.
One thing I did notice is that while neon is still red hot, platforms are getting lower or disappearing. The shoe that Manolo Blahnik considers "vulgar" (I love that) is finally sinking away and we're seeing a more traditional stiletto heel, complete with pointy toes, emerge. Albeit in florescent orange, so it's hardly shy. 

That's not to say platforms are gone, but they will continue to get lower and more"conservative." And after the heights they've reached lately, there was no where to go but down. 

The one trend that has been popping up more and more is the ankle cuff. I personally love this look, but it can go wrong easily and isn't for everyone, so buyer beware. (We'll discuss that more later).

So let's all give a big cheer for summer, bright colors, and more manageable heel heights, and a big sigh of relief that the money spent on shoes over the last two seasons can be considered an investment, because the trends are here to stay. For a little while anyway.