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Too Sexy for Work?

It’s pretty common knowledge that cleavage is generally not suitable for work. At least if you work in an office environment, it’s not suitable. Appreciated, sometimes, but really lacking in professionalism and generally still considered a stuffy taboo of corporate America.

Toe cleavage, on the other hand, can be something that’swholly accepted at the office, even if some consider it a little dirty.

I personally don’t find anything wrong with toe cleavage. It’sjust a different fit to me, like the peep toe, open toe, sandals or strappy gladiators.To other people, it’s apparently the foot version of a nipple slip.

This is how it's done right.
Some people do this look very well. They’re probably also the women with long fingers, that look good decked out in rings, and never have a broken nail or marred polish. They’re slender and sexy, and can pull off the look without thinking about it or even realizing it.

And yes, it is a look to be pulled off, because the wrong move and it can go terribly, terribly wrong.
If the vamp is cut wrong for your foot, your toes can end up looking all bunchy and fat, or all spread out and monkey like, as if they extend forever into a pair of pointed-toe pumps. Or it can look as if your toes may pop out at any second, making you instantly shoeless. 

The right to do it is to show a little, without getting crazy or looking like you have sloth toes. Your feet aren't supposed to look fat or like your shoes don't fit. Suddenly you’ve totally sexed up an otherwise common, perhaps boring, heel.

Until recently I never gave a lot of thought to the appropriateness of toe cleavage. It was kind of a joke, and something that I generally don’t do well because I have small, fat little toes on small feet that can start to look squishy pretty quickly. But a little un-smooshy toe cleave has never stopped me from getting a pair of heels, but I never really considered it sexy.  

Then there was the day I got called out on it. There I am,wandering through the office on my way from one meeting to the next, dressed conservatively, and someone (a woman) pointed out that I was showing a daring amount of toe cleavage. Really? Daring?! (I suddenly feel so scandalous)!

This left me wondering how is toe cleavage daring but sandals are not? Are we in corporate America so starved for the real thing that we are making up shit like “inappropriate” toe cleavage? What happens if someone takes their shoes off of comes in wearing a pair of commuter flip flops? It’s pearl clutching time! There’s toes about.

I’m still not even sure why the cracks between a woman’stoes peeping out of the vamp of her heels is even sexy.  And who the hell notices? I love shoes, look at everyone’s and can’t even tell you when the last time I saw toe cleave was.  But I guess if that’s what some people like,then have at it. But don’t call me out about it. Until it’s written into the dress code as a “No,” it’s fair game.