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Traveling in Heels: What to watch for

I travel for work, and it always involves airports. The walking, security lines, finding cabs, calling cars, and running around hotels and offices kind of traveling.

I promise you it is not glamorous and I do not get to see the sights. I get to see airports and hotels and office buildings. Board plane and repeat.

With all the traveling I do I was recently asked what is my minimum heel height for traveling. I'm not sure I have a minimum heel height for traveling, or even a maximum, but I do have certain heels that are better for racing through airports, towing luggage, taking off and putting on in security lines, and the various other nonsense I put my heels through in an average trip.

Perfect airport heels - from Nine West
My go-to heels for a business trip are my Nine West Mary Janes. They have two straps and a pointed heel, so they're cute and go with anything, but they also have a small platforms (totally helps with comfort) and a three to four inch heel.

If I was ever going to run in heels these would be the ones.

They even have a rubber sole so there's no sliding on the tile. I also recommend straps if there's the possibility you'll be in a rush, otherwise you could find yourself slipped out of you shoe and sprawled on the ground, with one heel in your wake among luggage and laptops. And yes, I speak from experience. Slingbacks, ankle straps, straps across the foot, even espadrille style ties. Anything to keep you from stepping right out of those heels on your way through Terminal B.

What you don't want to do when you're traveling (business or pleasure) is wear a pair of sky-high stilettos that look amazing, but slow you down, are difficult to maneuver on the moving walkways and escalators, and slow up the people behind you.

Generally I'm sympathetic to the plight of girls in giant heels, but if I'm behind you and have somewhere to be and you're walking all Bambi on your new deer legs in a pair of fab heels, I lose all sympathy and secretly wish you'll fall.

Security will stop you, and your feet will hurt.
Same goes to the ladies who wear knee-high lace up boots into the security line. Seriously, use your brain people.

There's no excuse for showing up to the airport in you pajamas and sneakers, and if you're traveling for business you better look business appropriate when you travel too because you never know who may be on your flight. But leave the sky-high stilettos at home or in your suitcase. Because while they may look awesome on your feet or with that suit/dress/pants you have on, you will piss people off if you're moving too slow. And if you fall, they'll totally laugh at you, even if it's only on the inside.