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Charlotte Olympia does Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner (like a matter of hours now) and as we all start to get ready for the various holiday parties we have to go to, whether good or bad, there is inevitably a lot of stressing out about what to wear.

Christmas stuff I would love to wear! 
My immediate family sits in the living room and gorges themselves on food for hour after hour, and we still dress up. As if my mom, dad and sisters haven't seen me at my worst, yet on Christmas we all dress up.

I'm not much of one for holiday clothes either. The day you see me in a reindeer sweater is the day Hell has frozen over or I lost a very large bet.

Shoes, on the other hand can be a different story, especially when they're like the ones done by the always brilliant Charlotte Olympia.

An entire line of Christmas shoes and accessories, includes heels, flats and handbags, and they're all to die for.

The Holly flat
The Jingle Bell Dolly is my personal favorite in red velvet with the island platform and jingle bell ankle strap. Sure, it may be loud, but they look amazing. And if you want to get a little use out of them after the holidays you can remove the jingle bell strap and just have a fab pair of red velvet pumps.

There's also the super cute Kiss Me Dolly with the mistletoe on the toe. This is one that can get you into all kinds of trouble.

If you're into flats there's two different colors of her famous kitty flats, appropriately named the Glitter Kitty.  And if you want a Christmas specific pair of flats, Holly is the way to go.

Charlotte Olympia has you covered with handbags too. The amazing Pandora has been redesigned just for Christmas with a mistletoe or gold ribbon clasp, and comes with three different color inserts so you have three Christmas colors to choose from (and a way to match any outfit). There's also the adorable Christmas Pudding Pouch and Frostie (the snowman, duh).

How cute and perfect are these for the holidays?!
Top it all off with a pair of Charlotte Olympia stockings in her signature spider web print (goth and literary) with a crystal spider at the top. Perfect for those cold nights that need a little added heat.

With shoes and accessories this sexy and adorable, donning a little Christmas spirit suddenly doesn't look so bad.