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Tips for New Years Shoes

Today I read that what you do on New Years is indicative of how you will spend the rest of the year. For most of the people I know that means they'll spend the whole year drunk, or spend it at home. Or both.

Totally predictable but you can't go wrong
Regardless of whether you're  going to a house party or a night out on the town, New Years gives way to outfits that people plan for all year and the perfect shoes are really important. Not ending up looking like an ass in your perfect shoes is even more important.

Glitter sparkles and rhinestones are always the perfect thing to ring in the New Year. They're also perfectly obvious.

Another suggestion I got via Twitter was that as long as you're wearing your highest heels, nothing else matters.

I'm not even sure what my highest heels are. I guess I could measure all my heels and figure it out, but then I'd have to plan outfits around the heels, and transportation. Depending on what you're doing in the evening it's possible that the highest heels are not a good idea.

Then again I've never been much of one for logic.

Don't wear these and carelessly swing your legs.
Spikes are always a good idea too, and I don't mean spike heels, I mean heels with spikes. Just be careful if you're dancing, or if you fall, or if you're drunkenly swinging your legs around large groups of people.

If you're going to spend the evening dancing, a little baby powder in your shoes before you slide them on for the evening will help absorb the sweat and eliminate chafing and blusters.

Finally, be careful when you're walking and don't fall off your heels. I've totally done it before and broke the strap on my shoe and had to walk like an asshole the rest of the night. Other horrible things can happen as well, including breaking a heel, or breaking you ankle.

Good luck tonight, and have fun no matter what you do. Just remember not to accidentally stab anyone with your heel and don't break anything. All other stupid circumstances are still on the table though. I'm expecting some great stories and would like to see pics of some fabulous shoes.