Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jimmy Choo Victims to Vandals and Thieves

A couple days ago my brother-in-law texted me and asked where I was at 2:00 that morning.

I replied that I had just gotten into bed around then because my flight got in late, and why was he asking.

Broken glass and a lone flat at Jimmy Choo after the break-in.
Because the Jimmy Choo store on Oak Street in Chicago's high-end Gold Coast neighborhood was robbed and $20,000 in merchandise was stolen.

He joked that I was his first suspect.

I would love a pair of Jimmy Choo's but I'll save my money and buy them honestly.

In reality it was three men. Two to bust open the door and one to drive the getaway car.

I haven't read any news reports that noted exactly what was stolen, but since shoes start at around $300 and can go over $3,000, they got a good amount of stuff. Handbags also range into the thousands of dollars.

So today my condolences go out to the Jimmy Choo store in Chicago. At least no one was hurt, and I'm sure the store has insurance that will cover the losses. And hopefully Chicago can manage to find the dirt-bags who broke into the store, because vandals don't deserve something as amazing as Jimmy Choo.

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