Monday, March 11, 2013

Mornings with Target, Prabal Gurung and Baby Stuff

I always thought it was a special kind of person who got up at the crack of dawn to go to the store. My mom used to go grocery shopping at midnight to avoid the crowds, and that made sense to me. Waking up to get to the store when it opens didn't.

Until now.

Now I know these insane freaking people outside Target at 8:00 on a Sunday morning are all one thing. Overworked adults.

Sunday morning, there I was, pulling into the Target lot, already thinking about my Starbucks order, and thanking whatever genius it was that combined Target and coffee. My whole day was mapped out.
These will go with everything. 

  • Shop for baby shower gift
  • Go home and paint my nails
  • Try on outfits and have a leisurely morning until said baby shower

My life can never be so simple. And it's almost all because of shoes.

As I wandered aimlessly through Target, clutching my coffee and trying to focus my eyes, I realized I was out of nai lpolish remover. And cotton balls. Oooh...there's new clothes. I should look at coffee makers for my new kitchen. What was that DVD my hubby wanted? Where the hell is the baby aisle (oh, there it is)?

Oh, dear god, those Prabal Gurung for Target heels are exactly what I need in my life. Who knew you could find shoes so early in the morning?

Really, what kind of asshole put the baby aisle next to the shoes?

Suddenly it wasn't about shopping for my friend and her little bundle of joy. It was about those watercolor satin heels and how amazingly they would go with my orange Ann Taylor dress. The one that I haven't worn yet because it has no sleeves.
The pirate octopus in his new home

But if I get those shoes then I can wear it today, so it totally makes sense.

And into the cart they go.

Now what the hell was I here for?

A handful of baby things and a stuffed pirate-octopus later my shoes and I were in line, and I was still justifying their purchase. They're multi-colored and go with anything, and it's spring.

By the time I got home it was like an hour after I planned (because Target is a time suck) and I slapped on some polish, which got totally jacked up (because I'm that girl), I tried on 100 different outfits, and didn't wear the shoes afterall. Because it was raining and they're satin. And it was cold and they look silly with black tights. But at least I have them for later.

In the meantime they'll sit with my other unworn heels and be revered as the shoes I bought before 10:00 am on a Sunday.

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