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Real People of Style and Real Fashion Shows

When I was five years old I was in a spring/summer fashion show and walked the runway in a rainbow striped romper with pink ties at the shoulder.  In high school I walked the runway twice in prom gowns despite the fact that I never went to prom.

Now I just sit in the audience of fashion shows and marvel at the fabulousness. So of course I couldn’t pass up Cheeky’s Real People of Style fashion show, which came with a plus one.

Runway fashion shows and shopping. 
I asked my husband if he wanted to go with, and he agreed because I “always get dragged to stuff” by him. I told him to justify it however he wanted, and we’d have fun. Then I asked the wrong question. “Have you ever been to a fashion show?”

“Oh sure,” he answered. “They use to have ‘fashion shows’ at this bar my dad hung out in. The servers would wear lingerie, and I’d stop in and get a coke and change from him to play at the arcade. Pretty sure you could get a lap dance for a fin.”

Ummmm….I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

I assured him that this was NOT at all like that, and instead it would be a real runway show with real clothes from the 900 North stores, and professional hair and makeup (by Mario Tricoci). It’s even possible there won’t be any lingerie, and there most certainly will not be lap dances or video games.

Not only will the show feature 10 of Chicago’s fashionable tastemakers strutting the latest spring trends curated by adoptedSTYLE and The View from 5’2”, there will be bites from Siena Tavern, a Smartwater VIP Lounge, DJ AT, and (of course) libations. From EFFEN, Apothic Wines and Peroni. 

EFFEN cocktails and fashion? It’s like my dream come true. Or like a more civilized and public version of when I try to clean my closet.

The only problem is that now Dear Husband and I are both stressing about what to wear, because it has to be fabulous (and in my case also work appropriate). So while I may not be able to pull out all the stops because of the day job, there will be fabulous shoes (because they’re all fabulous).

If you would like to join me at the event, you can save $10 on tickets with discount code CHEEKYCBN.